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Photographer and photographic critic.

Since 1979, Stefania was working as a free lancer for the daily O Estado de São Paulo and its Cultural Supplement; she collaborated with Jornal da Tarde, and several brazilian monthly reviews: Iris-foto, A Galeria, and Shalom. Occasionally her articles were published in Photo-Vision (Spain), European Photography (Germany), Perspectief (Holland) and Camera International (France).

Stefania discussed in her papers all aspects of the photographic image: social, ethical, esthetical and philosophical, giving special emphasis to photojournalism: its history, lies and truths, objectivity and subjectivity, the manipulation of the image; she discussed the relation between the photographer and the subject photographed; she considered the complex questions of reading the image and the interaction between the text and the photography.

Photo: José Roberto Carvalho
As photographer Stefania, alive, exposed in 9 individual events and participated in 10 collective exhibitions. She has photographs in several international collections: Bibliothéque Nationale de Paris, Bibliothéque Publique d'Information at the Pompidou Center in Paris, Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Conselho Mexicano de Fotografia in México City.

As journalist, Stefania has published interviews with photographers famous in Brazil and/or abroad; she participated in numerous debates, round table discussions, and has given conferences, workshops and radio or television interviews related to her work, books or exhibitions which she has been promoting, editing or organizing.

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.1970PClub Hippique de Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Brazil (BR)
.1971PGalerie d'Art Alberto Bonfiglioli, São Paulo. (BR)
PFestival d'Hiver, Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, (BR)
Danseuses et mains
.1972PGalerie Fotóptica, São Paulo, (BR)
Les mains
.1973GPhoto-Galerie, Rio de Janeiro, (BR)
.1974PGalerie Alberto Bonfiglioli, São Paulo, (BR)
Les photos du livre ENTRE
GGalerie Alberto Bonfiglioli, São Paulo, (BR)
GCentre Municipal de l'Art, Campos do Jordão, (BR)
7 Artistes
.1975PGalerie Fotóptica, São Paulo, (BR)
Flagrants de São Paulo et de l'étranger
GXIII Biennale, invited artist, São Paulo, (BR)
GFestival de l'Hiver, Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, (BR)
.1976PGalerie Actualité, São Paulo (BR)
.1977PGalerie Alberto Bonfiglioli, São Paulo (BR)
Flagrants du Brésil et de l'étranger
PGalerie d'Art du Centre des Conventions, Campinas (BR)
Flagrants du Brésil et de l'étranger
.1978GI Rencontres Photographiques, Campos de Jordão, (BR)
GGalerie Ao Gosto, São Paulo, (BR)
Lancement des cartes postales
.1979GII Rencontres Photographiques, Campos de Jordão, (BR)
Femmes Photographes
.1981GII Colloque Latino-Americain de Photographie, México, (MEX)
.1983GCentre Georges Pompidou, Paris, (FR)
Brésil des Brésiliens
.1993PCasa da Fotografia Fuji, São Paulo, (FR)
PCentre d'Art de Aché Ind. Farm., Guarulhos (BR)
PMusée Municipal de Santos, Santos, (BR)
GPinacoteca de São Paulo, São Paulo, (BR)

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Books and postcards:

ENTRE, (1974), book of photographs by Stefania with poems by Olney Kruse. Publisher: Stefania Bril.
ARTE DO CAMINHÃO, (1981), photos by Stefania Bril and Bob Wolfenson, text by Jorge Cunha Lima e Ciro Dias dos Reis. Publisher: Tintas Glasurit.
NOTAS, (1987), book of Stefania image reading using photographs of 29 international masters in photography. Publisher: Prêmio Editorial Ltda; sponsored by KODAK.

Postcard inspired by trip to Israel, (1976) sponsored by Metal Leve SA Ind e Com.

Postcards with end year greetings, by Stefania Bril, 1987.

Postcard collection of 10 brazilian photographers (including Stefania Bril) published by Galeria Ao Gôsto in 1978, collection inspired by Stefania.

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Other activities:

  • Created and organised the Photographic Encounters in Campos do Jordão, in 1978 and 1979.

  • Member of the Commission for Photography of the State Government of São Paulo in 1985 and in 1988.

  • Member of the São Paulo Association of Art Critics (APCA) since 1981.

  • Member of the Brazilian Association of Art Critics (ABCA) since 1983.

  • Member of the International Art Critic Association (AICA) since 1984.

  • Member of the jury in numerous photographic contests in Brazil.

  • Invited to participate in the selection of brazilian photographers for exhibitons abroad by : Godowsky Foundation (USA), Fotofest (USA), Azotea (Argentina), Museum Pompidou (France), Conselho Mexicano de Fotografia (Mexico), and Perspectief Foundation (Holland).

  • Participated as Brazilian representative in the II Latin American Encounter on Photography in Mexico City in 1981.

  • Organized, together with staff from Pompidou Center, the exhibition " Brésil des Brésiliens" in Paris, 1983

  • During the period of 1990-1992, as coordinator of CASA DA FOTOGRAFIA FUJI, Stefania was curator of fifteen exhibitions of brazilian and also of foreign photographers, which included round table discussions, film projections, workshops, and monitored group visits of students from secondary schools and from universities.

  • Invited by PARIS AUDIOVISUEL, participated in MOIS DE LA PHOTO in Paris in 1986, 1988 and 1990. Invited to be there again in November 1992, Stefania was unable to attend the invitation, because of her death which occured on September 21, 1992. The catalogue of the MOIS DE LA PHOTO in 1992 was dedicated to her memory.

On August 10, 1993, FUJI do Brasil Ltda, has sponsored an exhibiton devoted to STEFANIA BRIL for her contribution to the brazilian photography as photographer, photographic critic and promoter of photographic events and young brazilian photographers. The exhibition was open to the public until the 11 of September, 1993, in the CASA DA FOTOGRAFIA FUJI and thereafter was exhibited in various other places in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

The Houston FOTOFEST photographic exhibition in the USA, 10-30, of November, 1994, was dedicated to the memory of Stefania Bril.

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